Artist coaching.

Everything they don't teach you in art school...

The best twelve weeks training you can get.

The idea that an artist has to starve is a complete myth. With the right industry know-how and knowledge you can quickly get your art seen and make a good living. 

In a little over three years as an outsider Plastic Jesus has become one of the most talked about artists. His work is included in  the homes of collectors, celebrities, investors, politicians, galleries and museums. His highly collectible pieces now command five figure price tags. He has been featured on CNN, The BBC, Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, Complex art and design, Artnet and many more.

Plastic Jesus' true passion is reaching a broader audience and sharing his art, knowledge and experience.

Whether you create street art, paintings, prints, drawings, photography, mixed-media, sculptures or installations the insider knowledge and experience from this coaching program will elevate your art career in the shortest time possible.

What you'll learn.

This twelve week highly structured and practical program aims to define your purpose as an artist, develop clarity regarding your work, your audience and importantly develop your business. For example, you will experience first hand how social media and mainstream media can boost your visibility, encouraging galleries to reach out to show your work and forge lasting relationships direct with buyers.

The program is deliberately structured week-by-week and focuses on vital components of your creative and business process.

Each week you'll join Plastic Jesus for  a 30-minute meeting via skype or face-time to work through the program and review your development. During this call you'll set out your development goals for that week and then via additional phone calls and emails you will work through those goals, ensuring you progress as effectively as possibly, before moving on to the following weeks focus.

In twelve weeks you will cover more ground than most artists manage in a career. With the skills and resources you’ll develop imagine where you will be in three months, six month or a year from now!


You'll learn...

1. How to define yourself as an artist.

2. What do you set out to achieve.

3. Art as a business.

4. Commercial development.

5. Getting noticed.

6. Utilising  Social media and mainstream media.

7. Selling and pricing your work.

8. Building incremental growth in your market and values.

9. Protecting your work and business. Copyright, Trademarks etc.

10. Developing multiple revenue streams.

11. International markets.

12. Long term growth.





The twelve week artist coaching program is an investment of $2400. However for a limited period this is discount to $1800 a saving of $600! 

For most artists that investment can be returned by the sale of just one piece of artwork.

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