Best Buy – Useless Plastic Box 1.2

Best Buy get product bombed ! Best Buy get product bombed ! Best Buy get product bombed ! Best Buy get product bombed ! Best Buy get product bombed ! Best Buy Useless Plastic Box 1.2 BB4_edited-10 copy Stern best buy staff 1 stern best buy staff 2

65 Responses to “Best Buy – Useless Plastic Box 1.2”

  • dsf@creativegoose

    Heh.. the QR code leads to this site… what happens if the store employees scan the bar code?? I assume actually purchasing the Black Box wouldn’t work, as it wouldn’t come up as a valid SKU.

  • D

    I used to work at best buy and i approve of this message. too many people buying useless shit, that is way overpriced.

  • philA

    Arrest coming in….

    Dude, this is the type of prank that the government hates and will prosecute someone to the Nth degree. Funny, but…

    • ian

      Yes, but it’ll be white, cost twice as much and be incompatible with the version currently available. The second version Apple release won’t even be compatible with their first.

  • Garett

    You say it’s just a Useless Plastic Box. I say it looks an awful lot like…the Internet.

  • Thomas Hannibal

    Excellent prank. Excellent statement. Excellent executed. I’m a big fan. Still laughing.

  • John Lord

    uh oh! The Pet Rock inventor Gary Dahl might sue for, um, borrowing the idea of selling something useless? Now I’m waiting for someone to start a 1001 uses for the useless box. Hacks on how to open it? Someone buying one to use as the housing for a $35 Raspberry Pi computer (it IS about the right size.) Can they be purchased with the rubber checks I bought at a novelty store? If you upgrade it with Windows (or Mac OS), does it become even less useless? Maybe it would work as a flotation device if you fix your cell phone to it with a rubber band? Is it heavy enough to use as a bookend? Strong enough to prop up the table with one short leg? At that price, the Federal Reserve could buy lots of them to use on fake inventories to explain the “missing 9 trillion dollars” (google that btw.) If these turn out to not be selling so well, maybe advertising could add that every 1 box at random out of every 200 might contain a $50 bill. I know some lottery players who would call that a ‘sure thing’. Great gag! If you can’t afford this $99 model, try going to Radio Shack and buying item Catalog #: 270-1801 for $3.49. Just set it cover side down and fool people into thinking you have enough wealth to buy a $99 useless box.

  • Larry Montgomery

    I’m betting I can get it for under $50 if I wait until Black Friday!!!

  • JP

    I would buy one at the right price. That box would be good to house homemade electronic gadgets in

  • hydac7

    Damn it man I’m still laughing I’m in Europe we don’t have best buy here , but please come and pull this prank on Auchan ,Real or even Media Galaxy :D It would make the news over here :)))))))

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